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What Your Gifts Mean...

Your gifts touch the lives of thousands of patients each year that would either go without care or end up in a hospital emergency room. By helping us to get care to those in need, healthcare costs in general are lowered. 

Not only are you giving the gift of healthier living to our patients, you are in turn helping the entire healthcare system keep costs under control. Below are just some of the ways your gifts impact the poor, underserved and homeless in our community. Thank you and bless you for caring.


Giving the gift of Health Care

$10,000 provides injectible medication and antibiotics for patients for 1 year!
$5,000 provides medical supplies for 1 year!
$1,000 provides diabetic meters & strips for 70 patients!
$500 provides flu vaccines for 40 patients!
$100 provides cholesterol testing for 10-15 patients!


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